NATIONAL AWARD WINNING Huling Branch Wishbone Playground Mine Reclamation

Coal Removal





The Federal Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation and Enforcement has chosen the Huling Branch AML Reclamation, ATV Recreation and Watershed Improvement Project as top honors in the 2017 Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation National Award.  Berner  Construction was the primary site contractor on the project.  The project included removal of crop coal followed by the regarding of 1.2 million cubic yards of on-site soil, installation of 4,000 linear feet of rock underdrain and site backfill.  The site restoration included seeding and planting 48,000 tree seedlings.  To finalize the project, Berner constructed 1.6 miles of recreational trails.

Berner Construction was the site contractor for 4 of the 11 award winning Abandoned Mine Reclamation Projects as part of our heavy civil reclamation program with Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation (PADEP BAMR).  Three of the four projects won the National Award from the Federal Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement.

National Reclamation Award wining projects include: Huling Branch AML (2017), Newtown South II-2 (2013), Dents Run AML/AMD (2012).

Appalachian Regional Reclamation Awards include: Mather Coal Refuse Pile (2016)

For a glance at the Huling project, see the following link for the story written by Caterpillar about PADEP and Berner.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) Runway 04-22 Overlay & Taxiway Rehabilitation, Arlington, VA

Berner Construction was awarded a contract from Lagan US Inc. to support the restoration of runways, taxiways, aprons, shoulders, and intermediate areas related to Runway 04-22 at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.  Berner’s scope includes:  excavation and disposal of existing runway subbase aggregate; pavement shoulder adjustment; placement of geogrid for subgrade stabilization; placement of soil stabilization (geotextile) fabric; placement and compaction of crushed aggregate subbase and base course.  Additionally, Berner is responsible for the erosion and sedimentation control measures, storm water pollution prevention, dewatering, and vegetative restoration of the disturbed areas.

Overnight Taxiway Repair

Saturday Taxiway Closure

P209 Placement

Wallops Airfield Repair Project CoF Phase 1 at the Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, VA

Berner Construction was awarded a contract from Lagan US Inc. to support the restoration of runways, taxiways, aprons, shoulders, and intermediate areas at the Wallops Airfield Repair Project at the Wallops Flight Facility.  Berner’s scope includes  excavation and removal of concrete slabs in areas of existing drainage; excavation and removal of the existing storm water system; furnish and install new reinforced concrete piping (RCP); furnish and install new concrete manholes and inlet structures; backfill and compact suitable soils in pipe trenches and structure excavations.

Berner has also been tasked with repairs to the facilities cast iron water lines.

New Storm Water Line Installation

Storm Water Line Excavation

Storm Water Line Installation

Cast Iron Water Line Repair