Currie Landfill

Location: Millcreek Township, Erie, PA

How We Helped:

Provide labor, materials, equipment, and supervision to remediate an existing

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Restored West Branch Cascade Creek

Restored West Branch Cascade Creek

Project Overview:

Berner Construction, Inc. (Berner) has been contracted by Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) for the site remediation of Currie Landfill in Millcreek Township in Erie, PA.

The primary objective of the Remediation Project at the Currie Landfill Site is to eliminate the public health and safety hazards that exist by containing the landfill source using a soil cover at the site. The goals of the source area containment remedy includes the consolidation of waste into a centrally located landfill area to facilitate future commercial development; elimination of the exposed waste surface along the West Branch Cascade Creek; and grading the consolidated waste surface to accommodate construction of a soil cover over the waste for future recreational use as public ballfields.

The scope of work for this project includes the following: clearing and grubbing; implementation of erosion and sediment control measures; construction of sedimentation basin and sediment trap, excavation and placement in the landfill of approximately 120,000 cubic yards of waste, shredding and management of over 10,000 tires, reconstruction of the creek channel, embankments, and riparian buffer, backfill excavated areas with clean borrow material, and the installation and maintenance of 16 acres of a vegetated soil cap.

Site restoration included the conversion of the sediment basin to a wetland area, planting trees, and seeding the cap area. The Cascade Creek was restored using live planting techniques and planting shrubs along the riparian buffer. Site restoration also included stone placement and asphalt paving for parking areas and access roads on the site.