Extraction Well Vault Upgrade

Location: Former Naval Air Warfare Center, Trenton, NJ

How We Helped:

Supply labor, equipment, and materials for the well installation, trench excavation, pipe installation and separator modifications

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Project Overview:

Berner Construction, Incorporated (Berner Construction) was contracted by Watermark Environmental, Inc. for the upgrade of groundwater extraction wells as part of long-term operations and maintenance of the groundwater treatment system at the Former Naval Air Warfare Center in Trenton, NJ.

The scope of work for the project included installation of new well vaults.  The existing metal vaults were damaged by traffic so they were demolished and replaced with H-20 rated vaults with traffic rated manhole covers.


New piping and electrical conduits were installed between vaults.  The piping was fusion-welded, HDPE dual-walled, containment piping. The new piping was tied-in to new and existing well piping. The new piping and conduits were placed on sand bedding and backfilled with pea gravel.


The project scope also included modifications to an existing concrete oil-water separator. Water from upstream sources was bypassed around the separator.  The separator was then emptied and pressure-washed.  A V-notch and hole were cut into the concrete baffle in the separator and the   middle section sump was filled in with concrete and rebar to allow continuous flow through the separator.  At the completion of the project, the disturbed areas were restored with seed, and mulch for revegetation.