Fairmount Park Storm Sewer Improvements

Location: Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, PA

How We Helped:

Provide labor, materials, and equipment to manage stormwater and restore eroded streambanks along Wises Mill Run and Cathedral Run in Fairmount Park

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Philly Sewer

Philly Sewer

Project Overview:

Berner Construction, Inc. was contracted by Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) to restore eroded stream banks and wetland areas and to divert stormwater in seven sections of Fairmount Park. The scope of work included installation and maintenance of erosion control measures, tree protection, stream diversion, flood plain grading, and landscaping. All work was performed in accordance with PADEP and PWD Erosion and Sedimentation Control requirements for working with a stream channel.

Each of the sites had unique construction requirements with regards to address streambank erosion, wetland construction, stormwater collection and management, and installation of pathways and wildlife habitats.

Berner upgraded several of the storm sewer structures and piping including demolition and replacement of stormwater well holes, catch basins, end walls, diversion structures, and concrete pipe. The upgrade of the storm sewers and construction of over four acres of wetland/stormwater management facilities allowed the capture the stormwater runoff from the street and upland areas. The wetlands then provide retention and slow infiltration thus supporting the wetland plantings.

1,300 tons of quarried boulders were furnished and placed as part of the stream restoration project. The stone was used to mitigate stream bank erosion control along a total of 1,465 linear feet of streams that are tributaries to the Wissahickon Creek in Fairmount Park. 12,000 cubic yards of excess soil was excavated and transported off site for use on neighboring Fairmount Park projects.