Groundwater Treatment System Modifications

Location: Ordnance Products Site, Inc. Site, Cecil County, MD

How We Helped:

Supply labor, equipment, and materials for the installation of a groundwater extraction and treatment system

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Project Overview:

Berner Construction, Incorporated (Berner) was contracted by Tetra Tech, Inc. for the retrofit of an existing groundwater treatment system, connection of extraction wells to the treatment plant, and startup, operation and maintenance of the plant for three months.  The objective of the project is to pump and capture the groundwater so as to contain and control the plume using existing extraction wells.  The groundwater is conveyed via buried, double-walled, HDPE line to a central treatment plant.  Particulate filtration and air stripping is utilized to treat the groundwater.  The treated groundwater is discharged to an unnamed tributary.  The vapor stream from the air stripper passes through granular activated carbon to remove contaminants prior to discharge to the atmosphere.

The scope of work for the project included the following:

  • Prepare the site for construction and improve drainage
  • Remove outdated equipment from the plant and refurbish the building
  • Install well vault, pump, and level control at existing extraction well
  • Connect extraction wells to the treatment plant using new buried groundwater conveyance piping and electrical conduit
  • Install and startup new process treatment equipment at the plant, including a low-profile air stripper and filtration system
  • Initiate groundwater and system monitoring; operate and maintain system for 3 months