MGP Remedial Construction Services

Location: Wilkes-Barre, PA

How We Helped:

Provide labor, material, tools, equipment, and supervision to remediate a former MGP site for UGI Utilities, Inc.

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Project Overview:

Berner was awarded a contract from UGI Utilities, Inc. (UGI) for the Remedial Construction Services for the Water Street Former MGP Site in Wilkes-Barre, PA. As part of the site remediation, MGP-impacted soil, selective structures and former foundations were excavated and/or demolished, and transported off-site for disposal at multiple permitted facilities. Approximately 6,000 tons of impacted soil, fill material, concrete, and
asphalt were excavated and disposed off-site at a permitted disposal/recycle facility. 120,000 gallons of impacted water was collected and treated in an on-site water treatment system.

The project site is a former MGP site and is currently used to reduce high pressure natural gas to provide gas transmission to the City of Wilkes Barre.

Prior to site remediation, existing high pressure gas lines were relocated to allow safe access to the gas holders and other structures requiring excavation. Berner excavated and lined approximately 800 linear feet of trenching to allow UGI’s gas crew to relocate the gas piping without risk of contacting MGP impacted soil. Once the trenches were backfilled, Berner completed the MGP site remediation beginning with the demolition and removal of the above-grade structures, then the excavation of the gas holders
and tar separator.

The bottom of each gas holder to be excavated was at 18 feet below ground surface. Berner implemented confined space entry procedures to work within the gas holders for both excavation and backfill and compaction testing. The remediation of the Wilkes Barre site was completed on schedule and within budget in a two month time-frame.

Site restoration included landscaping and maintenance so that UGI could turn the property over to the City of Wilkes Barre as a park property.