Mill Creek Coalition: Glenn Site 19

Location: Union Township, Jefferson County, PA

How We Helped:

Provide labor, material, tools, equipment, and supervision to construct a passive acid mine drainage system at Glenn Site 19.

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Project Overview:

Berner was contracted by the U.SDA NRCS to construct a passive acid mine drainage (AMD) system to capture and treat AMD from several drainage seeps on the project site. The scope of work for this ecosystem restoration project included the following:

  • implementation of E&S control measures
  • construction of two HDPE lined treatment ponds
  • installation of two precast concrete upflow limestone columns
  • construction of the drainage ditches, channels, and water piping that make up the collection, treatment, and conveyance system
  • construction of access roads
  • site restoration

The two treatment ponds, contain high calcium limestone for the passive treatment of the acid mine drainage (AMD). The treatment media is intended to raise the pH of theĀ  AMD to allow the acidic materials to precipitate from the water prior to discharge in the existing stream.

Berner’s construction tasks included the excavation and placement of approximately 10,000 cubic yards of soil required for the construction of the two ponds and storm water
diversion swales; furnish and placement of 6,000 tons of high calcium R-3 limestone for the treatment system; 4,600 square yards (sy) of 40 mil HDPE lining; 9,200 sy of geotextile fabric for the protection of the ponds; and the installation of 4,500 linear feet of 6- and 8-inch schedule 40 PVC piping for the conveyance system and underdrain.

The site restoration included seeding, mulching, and constructing brush piles that are suitable for sustaining the wildlife habitats.