Runway 04-22 Overlay & Taxiway Rehabilitation

Location: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Arlington, VA

How We Helped:

Provide labor, materials, equipment, and supervision for excavation and reconstruction of the subbase on the airport runway

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Project Overview:

Berner Construction was awarded a contract from Lagan US Inc. to support the restoration of runways, taxiways, aprons, shoulders, and intermediate areas related to Runway 04-22 at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

Berner’s scope of work included the following tasks in support of this effort:

  • excavation and disposal of existing runway subbase aggregate
  • pavement shoulder adjustment
  • placement of geogrid for subgrade stabilization
  • placement of soil stabilization (geotextile) fabric
  • placement and compaction of crushed aggregate subbase and base course
  • placement of manufactured sand in areas requiring a cement stabilized sub-base
  • completing the grading, seeding, and sod placement for several shoulder adjustment areas

Additionally, Berner was responsible for the erosion and sedimentation control measures, storm water pollution prevention, dewatering, and vegetative restoration of the disturbed areas.

Runway work was performed at night between the hours of midnight and 5:00 am.  The equipment that was used each night (compactors, light plants, bulldozers, loaders) was transported in at the start of the shift and removed at the end of the shift so there would be no interference with runway operations.  All materials were brought in and waste materials transported out during the night shift.