Wallops Airfield Repair Project CoF Phase 1

Location: Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, VA

How We Helped:

Provide labor, material, tools, and equipment to supply and install new storm water management system to support facility and runway improvements

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Project Overview:

Berner Construction was awarded a contract from Lagan US Inc. to support the restoration of runways, taxiways, aprons, shoulders, and intermediate areas at the Wallops Airfield Repair Project at the Wallops Flight Facility.

Berner’s scope of work included the following tasks:

  • excavation and removal of concrete slabs in areas of existing drainage;
  • excavation and removal of the existing storm water system;
  • furnish and install new reinforced concrete piping (RCP);
  • furnish and install new concrete manholes and inlet structures;
  • backfill and compact suitable soils in pipe trenches and structure excavations; and dewatering as necessary.

All materials are suitable for airfield use, such as the manholes are of airfield rated design and the concrete pipe is Class V.

The joints of the concrete pipe are required to be watertight, and therefore, the quality control for the project requires that the piping is closed circuit video-taped and the joints are tested.

The disturbed areas were backfilled in compacted lifts and the area prepared for final repaving of the runway(s).

Since the storm sewer was to remain in service while the portions were replaced, Berner installed pump arounds during construction.  Also during reconstruction of the area, Berner was asked to replace a damaged cast iron water line which was then replaced with C900 PVC pipe.