Directional Boring

Berner Construction, Inc. has the capability for the installation of underground utility services with trenchless technology and minimal land disturbance.  Utilizing our directional drilling apparatus with complete capabilities for vacuum and conventional excavation, we have installed many miles of utility piping.  Berner has successfully used this method for installing potable water to over 300 residences and commercial facilities, through natural and vegetated areas, under paved areas, sidewalks, and drainage swales.

Berner’s Grundopit® Pit launched mini-directional drilling system allows for excellent control and alignment using a compact and powerful mini-drill rig.  This system is ideal for installing water services and electrical conduit for shorter runs through difficult terrain in tight working conditions. 

Berner also utilizes a pneumatic, horizontal boring tool combined with the directional drilling system to provide accurate, trenchless, horizontal bores beneath paved and landscaped surfaces.

A Step Above the Rest

Berner uses compact coring equipment, as necessary, to connect the utility into existing vaults, industrial buildings, and homes. If the situation requires the replacement of existing utilities in the same space, Berner will use a pipe splitting method that splits and replaces plastic pipe in situ.  The splitter head is paired with a cable pulling system to install the new pipe in the same space as the existing pipe

In addition, Berner employs a trailer-mounted vacuum extractor, manufactured by Ditch Witch®, for soft excavation tasks, specifically to locate existing utilities and when excavation is required near structures, thus minimizing intrusive activities using conventional excavation equipment.

Utilizing these technologies allows Berner to complete the utility installations with minimal disruption and enables the project to be completed in an accelerated timeframe.

Water Supply and Treatment System

Water Supply and Treatment System


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